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You’ve finished your manuscript. You’ve read through it about twenty-times. You’ve made all the necessary changes and fixed all the errors and typos. You’ve even let old Mrs Smith down the road (the retired English teacher) read it and, even though she picked up a few more errors, she loved it so much she raves that it should be made into a movie. Sound familiar…?

You might not think so, but it is a fact that all professional writers need professional editing. The books you see in the bookstores are, in some cases, vastly different from the manuscripts submitted to editors by even the most accomplished authors. It is the editor’s job to work closely with the author to tighten and polish the manuscript. It is also the editor’s job to make sure the finished manuscript is right in all standards.

If you are a self-published author, it is important to remember that YOU are the publisher, so it is your responsibility to ensure that your book is as good as it can be and worth the money you are expecting to sell it for.

We have created a worldwide database of qualified editors with specialties covering all genres. This is great news for self-published authors for the following reasons:

All our editors are handpicked by us and experienced in their fields.

We can match the right editor to your book. If you have written a children’s story aimed at 5-8 year olds, it is essential that your editor is qualified and experienced in editing this genre. Likewise for poetry and academia. Different books require different editors!

We have editors worldwide, so whether you are in the US, UK, South Africa , Limpopo, Lagos, Lusaka, Australia or anywhere else, we have you covered.

Our rates (see below) are very competitive; in fact we doubt you will find editing of this quality at these prices anywhere.

Our editors charge per page (Industry Standard 290 words) and not per hour, which means you will know exactly how much your edit will cost before committing to the work. No nasty surprises at the end!

We work via the Internet in Microsoft Word and use track changes, which means you will save on the time and expense of having to print and post your manuscript.

We make the process easy and affordable and give you the peace of mind that your book will be right.

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Would you like to Edit your book?

This is a great place to start if you need a critical eye to check over your manuscript before submitting it for publishing. Copy editing and proof reading tend to look in detail at the accuracy of spelling, grammar and punctuation etc

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All titles submitted for copy editing are required to be vetted past the first draft status (beta readers, peer reviews/critiques, etc). Submissions should be around the third draft status, which by then will be already clean and tight

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During and after the edit, sentences, paragraphs and, in some cases, whole chapters may have been rewritten by the author and can contain new typos or errors that weren't there during the edit.

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Combined Copy Edit and Proof reading Package

Includes everything that is listed in the two categories above but offered at a discount price to our authors.

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Costs for all editing services...

Please note: all prices are quoted in South African Rand (ZAR). To convert prices to your currency please use any handy currency converter. Prices will vary depending on the amount of work required, for this reason manuscripts are priced individually. The following prices are supplied as a guide only and would only apply for those works that need a minimum amount of work.

Please state which of the following services you will require when contacting us.

Manuscript Assessment

  • R0.011 per word
  • Minimum charge for a manuscript assessment is $R200.00.
  • Discount given for books published with us.

Copy Edit

  • R50.00 per A-4 double-spaced page (Subject to Terms and Conditions)
  • 290 words, quarter pages and less are calculated to the author's benefit
  • Minimum charge for a copy edit is R2000.00.

Follow-up Proof reading

  • R500.00 per A-4 double-spaced page
  • 290 words, quarter pages and less are calculated to the author's benefit
  • Minimum charge for a follow-up proof reading is R500.00.

Combined Copy Edit and Follow-up Proof reading Package

  • R700.00 per A-4 double-spaced page
  • 290 words, quarter pages and less are calculated to the author's benefit
  • Minimum charge for a combined editing package is R3000.00.

Combined Assesment, Copy Edit and Follow-up Proof reading Package

  • Assesment R0.010 per word. R6.00 per A-4 double-spaced page
  • Minimum charge for a combined editing package is R4000.00.
  • Discounts can be negotiated. (Terms and Conditions applies)

Word Count

  • Number of words
  • Words per space
  • Clean up

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