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Lighthouse Publisher gives you the tools you need to become your own publisher. You give us your manuscript, we work with you to format it and design the cover, and then the completed file is stored digitally. Your book is added to our online bookstore as well as other popular booksellers like and Barnes and When someone places an order for a copy, we have one printed up and ship it out, and you receive a percentage of the retail price. We offer services for black & white books and full-color books in hardback, paperback and custom leather bound formats.
You retain all rights to your work and are free to take it elsewhere at any time. Read more about our non-exclusive, open-ended Author Agreement and find out why Lighthouse Publisher is right for you.
Whether you’re ready to publish or are just getting started with writing, our Authors’ Corner area can help. The Lighthouse Publisher  Authors’ Lounge is full of in-depth articles about all aspects of the writing life, as well as a comprehensive collection of markets, contests, useful websites, and tips. You can post information about upcoming events, read the latest publishing news, and gain access to an extensive list of freelance service providers, like professional illustrators, ghost writers, research experts and translators.
Know that when you access all these great resources via the Lighthouse Publisher website, your privacy is completely assured. Please read through our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for detailed information.
Lighthouse Publisher continuously strives to offer new publishing services that open the marketplace of published books to everyone, and will strengthen and enrich the landscape of books and writing as a whole. So have a look around, see all that we have to offer, and get published.


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