About Us

We at Lighthouse Publisher go above and beyond the call of duty to give you superior Service, Quality, Affordability, and Excellence in Book Publishing!

Who we are
  • Lighthouse Publisher is a book publishing service provider located in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are here to assist authors who have decided to tread the self-publishing path. Lighthouse Publisher is a company run by self-published authors for self-published authors. We have a range of affordable services and products and are currently helping authors worldwide, including, Australia, USA, Canada, Nigeria, UK, New Zealand and Brazil. So no matter where you are we can help you.

  • At Lighthouse Publisher, we understand that most self-published and first-time authors are either on tight budgets, or don't know how to get their books in print, or perhaps both.

  • Through our very own publishing journeys we've learned the dos and the don'ts of the self-publishing industry and have a genuine interest in passing our experiences on to our fellow authors.

  • We use the latest Industry-standard software for all our publishing, graphic design, and ebook conversions, but we offer old-school service at realistic prices.

  • We do not use ready-made templates for any of our formatting and designs, all of our books are designed individually with the complete cooperation and input of our authors; and we produce bookstore and library quality books of the highest standard.

200+ happy new clients this year alone!

Our clients are our biggest asset. And customer loyalty is our ultimate goal. That is why customer service isn't just another department, but "the department". It is the cornerstone of our entire company. When we get a question or request from any of our clients we work hard to answer and resolve it and to keep our clients in the loop.

Professional staffing group

Our staff and consultants include professionals from a wide range of disciplines – from Accountants, to Lawyers, to English Professors, and Public Relation Officers. Although diverse in background, they are united in a singular dedication to service and to making your work stand out.

10 years and still going strong.

Publishers of mass market fiction have struggled with declining sales in recent years, but at Lighthouse Publisher, a top publisher of fiction and other genres, we have adapted over the years and continue to be an important publishing house as we celebrates our 10th anniversary this year.


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