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First, congratulations, you’ve finally finished your book. That’s a huge achievement! So now you’re probably planning the next step, getting it published. You may have written a novel and sent your manuscript to agents and traditional publishers; received a few rejections slips perhaps? Or maybe you’ve decided you would like to self-publish your book but not sure where to start.

You may have written a memoir or a family history and wish to have it printed for the family to cherish as an heirloom. Perhaps you want to create a cookbook or a beautiful children’s picture book and sell it worldwide. Whatever your reasons are for wanting your work in print, we can help you realise your dream by helping you every step of the way.

Not sure how to make your manuscript into a book layout? Graphic design not your forte? It can be daunting when you realise just what is involved in the production of a book, ISBNs, CIPs, POD, ePub; sound like gobbledygook…? That’s okay. We can decipher the mysteries of self-publishing for you.

We can help you with as much or as little of the process as you choose. You’re the boss, so you remain in charge. Look on Lighthouse Publisher as a friendly assistant with your best interest at heart.

Here are some of the services we have to offer:
Publishing Service

A book is a lifelong investment that has the ability to outlive its creator. Take ownership of your story, thoughts and ideas, and immortalize them on the pages of a high-quality book that is worth passing to future generations. It’s critical to produce your book as both a printed book and eBook in order for your book to reach the widest audience possible ... Read More

Book cover design

Your book cover is one of the most important aspects of marketing your book. However much time you spend on getting people to your book sales page, they won't download a sample or buy the book if the cover isn't enticing.
It thus becomes imperative you use a professional for your cover design in order to make it effective for your book ... Read More

Editing and Proof Reading

Book editing, also known as copy editing, is an important service for authors. It is designed for authors who have a largely finished manuscript but require professional editing before publication to improve its chances of success. We also offer editing of academic publication. It is increasingly a requirement of academic journals that they be edited ... Read More

Online Store Service

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business. We sell your book(s) and many more online and much more ... Read More


ISBN Registration

ISBN stands for International-Standard-Book-Number – and is a unique number assigned to a specific once-off publication. ISBN’s are used for all Fiction, Non-Fiction and electronic book publications. If you have a book ready to be published, you will need to register for an ISBN-number and then have the number converted into an ISBN barcode image ... Read More


Quality Book Printing

A paperback (also known as softback or softcover) is a type of book characterised by a thick paper or paperboard cover, and often held together with glue rather than stitches or staples. In contrast, hardcover or hardback books are bound with cardboard covered with cloth; although more expensive, hardbacks are more durable ... Read More


Book to eBook

Lighthouse Publisher can help convert your text into ebook format. Ebook Creator .doc: MS Word document conversion. Ebook Creator Premier: expanded production for your ebook. Includes ebook production from Word, PDF or InDesign. Ebook Creator Flex: convert any project regardless of size! Includes ebook production from HTML, InDesign. ... Read More


Print on Demand

Global Print On Demand (POD) / ebook Distribution sell your book to the world. Print on demand is a book distribution method made possible by, and inseparable from, digital printing. It prints books only in response to orders, and only prints the exact amount ordered. Print on demand is capable of filling an order for one book profitably. ... Read More


Free Listing

List your book for free in the Lighthouse Publisher bookstore. One of the most cost-effective ways to promote any book is to run periodic free or discount promotions. But simply making it free or discounted on Amazon is no longer enough. You also need to spread the word to as many potential readers as you possibly can. ... Read More


Global Book Distribution

At last it's possible for authors of any genre to have their books distributed and sold worldwide! Enjoy true publishing freedom and control with Print On Demand (POD) and ebook distribution, and have your books available from over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries. All done to get your work noticed. ... Read More


Book Marketing/Publicity

Every author believes that their newly published book is special and unique, and therefore deserves to be read. However, many authors are unsure exactly how to get their book to market. A few authors manage to strike it lucky and some media interest is created organically, perhaps through the efforts of the publisher, or the author is already famous. ... Read More



Bring your book to life with our high quality illustrations. Full colour, b/w, pencil sketches, whatever your requirements we have the right application for you. As with all our services, you get to choose exactly what you want and retain complete control over your project You'll work with an experienced professional artist to create unique illustrations. ... Read More

You’ll also have complete control over your product such as the book cover design, the type of paper used in your book, and the number of copies you have printed. And as you are the publisher of your book, you’ll retain full publishing rights and earn  50% book royalties. Unlike other publishing providers, Lighthouse Publisher really does offer a true self-publishing experience. Read testimonials HERE.

Affordable book publishing, 50% book royalties worldwide!

We’ve partnered with a number of printers around the world, which means no matter where you live you’ll receive your books within days of ordering and you’ll save a bundle of money on shipping and customs and excise duties. This also means that if you’re planning a book launch overseas, you can order your books and have them waiting for you at your destination.

And, if you are really serious about sales, we have a world reach when it comes to distribution. With this option all the work is done for you. Your book(s) will be available anywhere in the world 24/7.

So what’s the next step? Enjoy the information available to you on our website, and when you’re sure what it is you need, you can choose from our affordable options and request a quote.

Or drop us a line if there is something further you’d like to ask us.

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