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Because it’s all about you the authors, Lighthouse Publisher is behind you every step of the self-publishing process—from realising your writing goal(s) to celebrating your achievements. We have witnessed many of our authors celebrate milestones of all sorts: finishing their manuscripts, getting the first printed copy of their book, earning literary acclaim, and getting picked up by traditional publishers. Explore all these author-centred resources to fire up your creative muse, start your self-publishing route, or enrich your writing journey.

Here are some of the services we have to offer:
Authors' Tips & Advice Videos

In addition to the wealth of Author Tips, Lighthouse's team of experts have developed to help aspiring authors through the self-publishing process, we have created how-to-videos on writing, editing, and book marketing to provide crucial author support each critical point on the road to becoming published authors. Keep looking out for more helpful and informative videos. After all here at Lighthouse Publisher, it's all about our authors. Learn more on Registering copyrights, including online registration, Taxes and bookkeeping, Fair use guidelines, Contract negotiation ... Learn More


Legal Information

As an author, you probably don’t often consider many legal issues about writing your book. Sure, there’s the contract with the publisher, designer, or copyeditor. Traditionally, for most, there just weren’t many legalities to consider. That was until traditional book authorship and publishing met the internet and created their lovechild called self-publishing. In an increasingly digitized and complex publishing world, writers need to know how to protect themselves against copyright infringement, legal trouble, and unwise concessions to publishers. Get to know your rights as a writer. ... Learn More


Acquired Titles

When a book is published, the publisher expects the copyright law to protect its creative expression for the length of time provided for by the Copyright Act. But is the literary title that the publisher and author have spent substantial time selecting and in which the publisher has invested monies to make the public recognise also protected? Title protection for publishers is important for a number of reasons and include (1) recognition by the public that particular publications originate from a specific publisher, and (2) the additional goodwill and value added to the publisher's balance sheet. ... Learn More


Author's Review

Publishing is part of the institutional infrastructure that supports scholarship. As an author’s work moves from manuscript to published form, it benefits from the comments, queries, and judgments of editors, peer reviewers, and copyeditors. Web and book designers, typesetters, and printers also contribute time, effort, and expertise before an author’s work gains the visibility and authority of publication. The functions that reviewers, editors, copyeditors, and publishers perform add value to an author’s work. ... Learn More


Author's Spotlight

Building a bestselling self-published book is all in the timing. That is, it’s best to start marketing early and roll out promotions in deliberate, timed waves to maximize interest ahead of the book’s publication date. A useful way for an author to approach this is as a calendar counting down to the book’s launch -- starting at least a year before the book’s ready to read. Among the things writers should be taking care of in this early stage of the book are: Establish a web presence. Set up an author Facebook page, Twitter account, and blog. Build an email list. Gather email addresses of fans and potential book buyers. ... Learn More


Author's Videos

They say the movie is never better than the book it’s based on. Whether or not that’s true, there’s no denying the power of videos on the internet, especially when it comes to promoting yourself online. A good vlog (or video blog for the uninitiated) can go a long way to building your profile as an author, bring in new readers, and help your existing followers care more about your upcoming projects. If cameras intimidate you, don’t worry – vlogging is not an exact science and you’re allowed to make a few mistakes along the way. As with many online marketing tools, there’s no magic formula. ... Learn More


Author's Events and Awards

The London Book Fair: This book fair calls itself the “global marketplace” of rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across a variety of mediums."The London Book Fair is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels, having just celebrated its 45-year anniversary in April, 2016. Staged annually, LBF sees more than 25,000 publishing professionals arrive in London for the week of the Fair to learn, network, and kick off their year of business." There are hundreds of literary contests and awards, online. ... Read More


Literary Contest and Events

Lighthouse Publisher links to The Writing Contests, Grants & Awards database which includes details about the creative writing contests—including poetry contests, short story competitions, essay contests, awards for novels, and more— we’ve published in Poets & Writers Magazine during the past year. We carefully review the practices and policies of each contest before including it. Ours is the most trusted resource for legitimate writing contests available anywhere. Link: Writer’s Digest also hosts Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards. ... Read More


Author's Insight

It used to be said that journal publishers knew little of researchers and the detail of their roles as authors and readers, despite representing the lifeblood of their businesses. This has changed dramatically in recent years, with a series of large-scale surveys from publishers and academic researchers, combined with other techniques including online log analysis, focus groups, usability labs observation and ethnographic studies. Author Insights survey trend and provides a host of fascinating insights into researcher attitudes. The survey repeats some questions from their previous surveys, including open access topics. ... Read More


Marketing Resources

Preparation is essential when entering into a book publicity campaign to promote a printed book or e-book, and various industry resources can add important elements for a marketing campaign. From articles and organizations, to trade shows and informational websites, an educated author is bound to be a successful one! How to find trending topics on social media. With social media, timing can be everything—and being able to tap into trending topics can help you get your messages in front of the right audience at the right time. ... Read More


Writing Softwares

When it comes to choosing the best book writing software, authors have several choices. You may be asking yourself: Do I stick with Microsoft Word? Is Scrivener the best investment with its robust features and user-friendly tools? How about Google Docs for so I can easily share and co-edit my book with an editor? We could try and tell you which one to pick, but everyone has different tastes and needs. Let’s take a look and compare the three writing “giants” to make the choice of book writing software clearer. Template choices, Pricing, Simplicity are important to selection. ... Read More



Any author, anywhere in the world, can join the Goodreads Author Program for free. All you need is an Internet connection and a published book (or a soon-to-be published book) that can be found in our database. The Goodreads Author Program allows published authors to claim their profile page to promote their book and engage with readers. Once verified, your author profile will include the official Goodreads Author badge, which you can use to tell your fans to follow you on Goodreads. Run a giveaway, connect your blog, advertise your books the Goodreads way. ... Read More



Let’s get down to business. These great articles tell you exactly what you need to know, quickly and efficiently.


Lighthouse Publisher understands how important your work is to you. Learn how you can protect your work and avoid predicaments in the future by reading the following list of helpful legal references.


Writers need communities to belong to so that they feel less out-of-step with the rest of the world. It’s nice to know there are conferences, workshops, and events that cater to your needs. Lighthouse Publisher offers this listing as a courtesy to our authors; however, it is in no way affiliated with the events or organizations posted. Please contact event organizers directly with any questions. Click here for a local writing event.

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